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About The DEC Connection

Welcome to DECconnection.org, a website established for the benefit of former Digital employees and contractors who would like to stay connected with former colleagues who value Digital's cultural, technical and management legacies.

This website is dedicated to the memory of our founder and hero, Ken Olsen, and to preserving and enhancing what we all feel made Digital a unique place to work. We strive to do this by fostering connectivity and communication among members of the Digital "family". Our monthly newsletter, “DEC Connection News-At-Glance, highlights face-to-face events, newsbytes of former employees, and programs and announcements of interest to all members.

The DEC Connection Board of Directors continues to reach out to DEC employees to provide activities and forums of interest to the Digital community. This website belongs to its members and exists to help the Digital family stay connected. We hope you will choose to Join Us and participate in our meetings and events. By keeping in touch, both in person and online, we hope to sustain Ken's legacy well into the future, help fellow members and have fun along the way. So please explore what this site offers, and of course let us know how it can better serve your interests. Thank you for visiting www.decconnection.org.

Nancy Kilty, DEC Connection Board of Directors

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