Acton MA Area Information Technology & Communications

Our organizer is DEC Connection member Steve Webber, Webbers10@hotmail.com or (978) 995-7878.

Welcome to the web page for the Acton-Nagog and AKO community of information technology professionals.  These individuals (and others) were responsible for the AKO Data Center & Telecom operations support for multiple AKO facilities as well as the Regional support for Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Latin America HQ. Others were providing GIA Applications support for the geography.

A reunion get-together was held on December 9, 2022 in the Acton area.  Here is a photograph from the event.


Left side: George Faucher, Carrie Barrett, Paul Connaughton, Joyce Nishinaga, Steve Webber, Bill Thompson, and Maddie Atkins
Right side: Dave Thomas, Kurt Migrants, Tom McPhee, Bruce Blanchard, Mike McMurray, Jim Cavanagh, and Jean Thompson

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