Phoenix AZ Chapter
Pre-COVID, met for lunch 2x per year, 1st Sat. in April and in November.  Organizer: Galen Davis, galendavis@aol.com

Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon - November 2, 2019
Thanks to the 26 DEC AZ Alumni "home team" who attended our lunch on 11-2-2019. While our numbers diminish the DEC AZ friendships and spirit remains...

Attended: Lori Abeyta, Frank Blake, Bonnie Colvin, Mona Dahlgren, Galen Davis, Jim Freiman, Grace Gibbs, Steve Georgoulis, Rick Hansen, Linda Hawks, Debbie Joy, Linda Kreiling, Sinaia Kuhn, Michael Lee, Traci Loges, Maria Urshan, Penni Kapleke, Charlene Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Jim Kunath, Bill Rebinskas, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein, Robin Robertson, Bob Stannard, Ron Wolf
Congrats to Mike Lee ... has never missed our lunches!

Next DEC AZ Alumni lunch is April 4, 2020.
Enjoy the holidays and our best for 2020!

Galen Davis, Bob Stannard, Maria Urshan

From Rick Fricchione's FaceBook DECAlumni page.      "Career Path?"


Al Gordon 1920-2019 .... with sadness we say goodbye to our long time DEC friend Al Gordon. He passed 5/7/2019 at 99. He joins his wife Joy in the hereafter. His two sons Al and Les were by his side in managed care in Peoria, AZ. 
(We were looking forward to his 100th in September but it wasn't in the cards.)
Al was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and joined the RAF (Royal Air Force) from School as an early pilot and later technical adviser. As an RAF spotter he landed on Normandy Beach day-1 and survived the invasion of June 6,1944.  Following the war he moved his family to Vancouver Canada then California.  Joined DEC Manufacturing with others from Beckman Instruments in the 70's. Al held manufacturing positions with DEC Europe, Puerto Rico and Phoenix, AZ.  His family plans cremation with no formal announcement to date.
Al was a regular guest at our semi-annual DEC Arizona Alumni lunches, and we'll miss him. He enjoyed a long and successful career and life. May God Bless him as he now joins his wife Joy.


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of April 4, 2019

Thanks to all who made it to our April DEC Arizona Alumni lunch on 4/4/19. Was a small yet enthusiastic group of 24.  Kudos to our regulars ... some like Mike Lee with perfect attendance since we began in 2006.

Was good to see Barb Richards and Della Cullins again.  
Our next lunch is planned later this year on Sat. November 2nd
Enjoy your summer, hope you have plans for visiting cooler places!

Regards, Galen Davis, Maria Urshan and Bob Stannard


Attended: Rick Blumberg, Ed Cocca, Della (Hare) Cullins, Galen Davis, Naila "Teddy" Erwin, Grace Gibbs, Pete Groves, Linda Hawks, Debbie Joy, Penni Kapelke, Sinaia Kuhn, Michael Lee, Patty McKean, Carolyn Norder, Betsy Nunez, Don Pigati, Bill Rebinskas, Barbara Richards, Jim Riley, Lee Ripstein, Maria Urshan, Holly Robert, Jan Shoufer, Bob Stannard


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of November 3, 2018

Thanks to all who attended our DEC AZ Alumni lunch on 11-03-18 in Phoenix. Always fun share our experiences, updates and a few aches and pains. Our next event is scheduled for April 6, 2019. Same time and location.  Enjoy the upcoming holidays,
              Galen Davis, Bob Stannard, and Maria Urshan
33 Attended:
Lori Abeyta, Frank Blake, Ed Cocca, Rene Coffey, Bonnie Colvin, Craig Culluton, Galen Davis, Jim Freiman, Steve Georgoulis, Al Gordon,  Mary Groves, Pete Groves, Rick Hansen, Debbie Joy, Lisa Katz, Penni Kapelke, Jim Kunath, Michael Lee, Traci Loges, Norma Martinez, Betsy Nunez, Don Pigati, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein, Holly Robert, Robert Schorsch, Janet Shoufer, Bob Stannard, George Stout, Maria Urshan,  Rich Wetenall, Ron Wolfe, Dona Wolfe


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of April 7, 2018

Thanks to all who attended our spring DEC AZ Alumni lunch on 4-7-2018.

Was a small but very enthusiastic group.  New guests were David Omlor and Gene McArthur. David Omlor rode his BMW from Orange County as you can see in these photos. Steve Georgoulis showed up in his vintage 1978 VW convertible.  Tks to Teddy for help with our photos. 

Teddy also sent a 1982 aerial photo of the Union Hills facility.

Fly over by Phil Esterella.


Our next AZ DEC Alumni lunch is 11-3-2018.

Attended: Ed Cocca, Bonnie Colvin, Galen Davis, Mona Dahlgren, Niala "Teddy" Erwin, Grace Gibbs, Mary Groves, Pete Groves, Steve Georgoulis, Linda Hawks, Rick Hansen, Debbie Joy, Penni Kapelke, Michael Lee, Arlan Leeds, Michelle Mason, Bill Masters, Gene McArthur, Patty McKeon, Carolyn Norder, Betsy Nunez, Dave Omlor, Holly Robert, Bill Rebinskas, Lee Rippstein, Jim Riley, Robert Schorsch, Jan Shoufer, Bob Stannard, Maria Urshan, Donna Wolf, Ron Wolf


We were asked about our DEC AZ Alumni meeting history. First recorded in 2006 we have had 12 years of alumni lunches ....  22 events!  Were you at the first one?  Past 5 years of photos are on this site, below, and flashback to November 2006 on the Digital Alumni site: http://www.decalumni.com/reunions.html
Enjoy your summer! Galen Davis, Bob Stannard and Maria Urshan


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of November 4, 2017

Thanks to all who attended our November 4th DEC AZ Alumni Lunch in Phoenix. Was a smaller but "quality" group.  19 years after closing doors at DEC, we remember!  Welcome to lunch first timers Rob Moore and Don Irby. 
Could Frank Wilhelm be far behind? 
Please mark your new calendars for our next reunion April 7, 2018
Enjoy your upcoming holidays!
Regards, Galen Davis, Bob Stannard and Maria Urshan
Attending 11/4/17 were:
Ed Cocca, Bonnie Colvin, Galen Davis, Mona Dahlgren, Grace Gibbs, Al Gordon, Mary Groves, Pete Groves, Steve Georgoulis, Tom Harrison, Cher Harrison, Mike Heiser, Don Irby, Penni Kapelke, Steve Katz, Sinia Kuhn, Michael Lee, Carolyn Norden, Betsy Nunez, Don Pigati, Holly Robert, Bill Rebinskas, Lee Rippstein, Jim Riley, Robin (Rob) Moore, Robert Schorsch, Jan Shoufer, Bob Stannard, Maria Urshan, Donna Wolf, Ron Wolf


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of April 1, 2017

Thanks to all who attended the April 1st DEC AZ Alumni lunch.
We were glad to welcome many new AZ alumni. Great times and good friends. Thanks to those who submitted photos. 
Our next event is scheduled for November 4, 2017.
(Send corrections to Galendavis@aol.com)
Enjoy your summer!  Galen, Maria and Bob
Attended:  John Abels, Irshad Alikhan,  Jo Arrand,  Bob Benham,  Mike Bennett,  Frank Blake, Rick Blumberg, David Boshes,  Paul Brun,  Peggy Brun,  Dave Clark,  Bonnie Colvin, Debbie (Oakley) Cronin,  Al Cronin,  Taylor Cronin,  Maria Costa,  Mona Dahlgren, Rick Damaske,  Galen Davis,  Naila "Teddy" Erwin,  Jim Freiman,  Grace Gibbs,  Al Gordon, Ron Hansen,  Charlene Harrison,  Tom Harrison,  Diane Inostroza,  Frank Inostroza,  Debbie Joy,  Dave Kelly,  Eileen Kelly,  Sinaia Kuhn,  Jim Kunath,  Michael  Lee,  Arlan Leeds,  Traci Loges,  Ray Madorin,  Delroy McLaws,  Alice Morano,  Denise Murray,  Carolyn Norder, Betsy Nunez, Jim Parch,  Jim Riley,  Lee Rippstein,  Holly Robert,  Rita Selvazzi,  Robert Schorsch,  Steve Schuerer,  George Sereno,  Jan Shoufer,  Bob Stannard,  George Stout,  Garry Strop,  Linda (Broderick) Warrilow,  Rich Wetenhall


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of November 5, 2016

Thanks to all (47) who attended our DEC AZ Alumni get-together at Santisi's on 11/05/2016.  Special DEC AZ friends Harry and Joan Johnson were visiting from Miami. Some newcomers included Krystena Hurles, Dan Wong, John Howe, John Palley, Joe and Colletta Chaves and Steve Schuerer.  Thanks to Pete Gruber for help with the camera work for these photos. Al Gordon was unable to attend and sends his "greetings."  Our next AZ DEC Alumni lunch is planned for April 1, 2017.  Our best to all for the upcoming holidays!
Attending on 11/5/16: Frank Blake, Ed Cocca, Coletta (Holcomb) Chaves, Jose Chaves, Bonnie Colvin, Roger Clarke, Mona Dahlgren, Galen Davis, Mike Delair, Niala "Teddy" Erwin, Don Ewing, Steve Georgoulis, Grace Gibbs, Pete Gruber, Linda Hawks, Debbie Joy, Rick Hansen, John Howe, Krystena Hurles, Bernadette Jackson, Harry Johnson, Joan Johnson, Penni Kapelke, Sinaia Kuhn, Arlan Leeds, Dennis Liles, Michelle Mason,Betsy Nunez, John Palley, Perry Peters, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein, Holly Robert, Rene Schwichtenberg, Robert Schorsch, Steve Schuerer, Bob Stannard, Janet Shoufer, Huey Thomas, Charlene Harrison, Tom Harrison, Dan Wong, Maria Urshan, Rich Wetenhall and Ron and Donna Wolfe.


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of April 2, 2016

Thanks to all who made it to our AZ DEC alumni lunch on 4/2/16. Welcome to newcomers Helen Ortiz, Linda Warrilow, Renae Schwichtenberg. We have over 300 AZ DEC Alumni on our e-distribution list with ~10% attending semi-annual Phoenix lunches.  We don't publish this list but can make e-mail available on request. If you want to join this group contact GalenDavis@aol.com.

Save the date: Next lunch is Saturday 11-5-16.
Attending 4-2 were: Paul Brunn, Peggy Brunn, Ed Cocca, Bonnie Colvin, Galen Davis, Naila "Teddy" Erwin, Jim Freiman, Al Gordon, Steve Georgoulis, Pete Groves, Mary Groves, Rick Hanson, Tom Harrison, Charlene Harrison, Linda Hawks, Penni Kapelke, Steve Katz, Michael Lee, Dennis Liles, Michelle Mason, Carolyn Norder, Betsy Nunez, Helen Ortiz, Jim Riley, Maria Urshan, Linda Van Ness, Helen Oritz, Bill Rebinskas, Lee Rippstein, Terry Rippstein, Holly Robert, Renae Schwichtenberg, Janet Shaufer, Bob Stannard, Elizabeth Stannard, Linda "Broderick" Warrilow, Rich Wetenhall, Ron Wolfe

Photographs below followed by notes from some not attending this event.

Notes sent in from our AZ DEC Alumni:

  • Though Howard and I will not be attending, please convey our love and best to everyone who may remember us. Judith Ashley and Howard Reed (California)

  • May you have a great reunion. Will be there in spirit. Enjoy it all and happy Easter to all there. Dave Kelly (Ireland)

  • I am unable to attend but say hi and send my regards to everyone who will be there next weekend. Renée Coffee (Phoenix)

  • We hope all is well and Happy Easter, wish we were all going to the Phoenix DEC Reunion, unfortunately Joey and I will miss it by a week or two, hopefully we will make the November Reunion. Joe Lewis (Massachusetts)

  • If I'm around in April I will try to make a visit. Because so much has been outsourced I spend crazy amounts of time outside the US. Again, it is neat of you to keep the spirit alive. Cheers, Barry Cioffi (California)

  • Sorry I was unable to get there on April 2nd. One of these days����. Ed Petrazzolo,azzolo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Micropen Technologies Corporation, 93 Paper Mill St., Honeoye Falls, NY 14472, 585-624-2610 ext.104 ed@micropen.com

  • It’s been a while, I hope that all is going well for you and you enjoyed the Holidays. We have moved now to Southern Utah, much closer to Phoenix so I may now be able to attend one of the reunion get- togethers. Take care and best to all! Frank Wilhelm, Int'l Supply Chain Solutions, http://www.iscsglobal.com (336) 337-8330

  • I received a tour of PNO/Aligned Energy today and took this picture. It's a pano of the main section of the building from the WDC wall looking east. To the far right are the windows where the lobby and cafeteria were. From Mike Heisner (Arizona)
    Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of November 7, 2015

    Thanks to all who participated in our 11/7 DEC AZ Alum. lunch. Was a small but very enthusiastic group at Santisi Brothers in Phoenix.  Attending were: Bob Benham, Frank Blake, Bonnie Calvin, Ed Cocca, Galen Davis, Grace Gibbs, Naila Erwin "Teddy", Don Ewing, Al Gordon, Pete Gruber, Rich Hansen, Charlene Harrison,Tom Harrison, Elaine Hopkins,Rick Klarer, Siana Kuhn, Arlan Leeds, Dennis Liles, Bruce Marshal, Perry Peters, Barb Petrauschke, Joe Petrauschke, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein, Robin Robertson, Tom Robertson, Kim Schorsch, Robert Schorsch, Jan Shoufer, Bob Stannard, Maria Urshan, Rich Whitenhall, Donna Wolfe, Ron Wolfe.
    Thanks to Pete Gruber for helping with the photos.
    Among the highlights were a cake and celebration of Al Gordon's 96 birthday. (From his birthday 9-6-2015)
    Perry Peter's joined us to talk about his year-long journey traveling nearly a 10,000 miles circular voyage from Marina del Rey, California to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, through French Polynesia in the South Pacific, to Hawaii, and back to San Francisco.  Check his amazing trip on his blog site: svfelicita.wordpress.com
    Frank Blake replaced his Honda Gold Wing and now is riding his new Harley.

    DEC's old Union Hills facility is getting a another "make over" and a new company (Aligned Data Center ) is moving in.
    ADC will be managing the Microsoft Cloud along with other hosting services once completed later this year.
    Al Gordon, blowing out the candles. Thanks to Naila Erwin "Teddy" for baking. Cake flags are the Gordon tartan from Al's Scottish heritage.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah
    and all your holiday season. Next DEC AZ Alumni lunch is April 2016.
    Galen Davis, Bob Stannard, and Maria Urshan


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon of April 11, 2015

Thanks to all the former AZ DEC'ies who joined us on April 11th for the "spring bash."

Always an interesting group it was great to see first timers; Scott Bates, Dave Richards, Rebecca Larranaga,
Bob McAfoos, Rick Bloomberg, Mike Raczkowski and Frances Vierkoetter.

  • Dave Richards is recovering for some major back surgery, glad he could make it, we wish him well and a speed recovery.

  • Al Gordon got a "pass" with some stomach issues but will be attending our fall lunch.

  • Chuck Guido and Steve Katz "livened up the room!"

  • Robert Schorsch managed to find yet another great DEC nostalgia T-shirt.
    Enjoy your summer and mark those calendars for our next AZ DEC Alumni lunch event November 7th.
    Regards, Galen Davis
    GalenDavis@aol.com, Maria Urshan and Bob Stannard

    Attending were: Scott Bates, Rich Blumberg, Dave Clark, Bonnie Colvin, Ed Cocca, Craig Culleton, Della Collins, Galen Davis, Don Ewing, Jim Freiman, Pete Groves, Mary Groves, Chuck Guido, Charlene Harrison, Tom Harrison, Arlan Leeds, Linda Speers (Hawks), Diane Inostroza, Frank Inostroza, Debbie Joy, Steve Katz, Penni Kapelke, Sinaia Kuhn, Linda Kreiling, Rebecca Larranaga, Traci Loges, Bob McAfoos, Patty McKeon, Betsy Nunez, Mike Peck, Mike Raczkowski, Bill Rebinskas, Blue Richards, Dave Richards, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein,Terry Rippstein, Holly Robert, Robert Schorsch, Janet Shaufer, Bob Stannard, Mike Tully, Maria Urshan, Frances Vierkoetter, Donna Wolfe, Ron Wolfe


Semi-Annual Phoenix AZ Luncheon was November 1, 2014
Thanks to all who made our November 1st DEC AZ Alumni lunch at Santisi's Brother's Pizzeria. Was another small but very friendly crowd. We were excited to have some "first timers" as we welcomed friends from early DEC Phoenix who clipped on their blue badges at West Earll Drive. Phyllis Anderson, Alice Morena and who can forget Marie Fields who ran the lobby at West Earll Drive. Holly Robert from DEC 24th St. was another newcomer. Wayne Brady announced his permanent move to Connecticut as he is selling-out in "warm" Arizona.  Bob Tang .... another unforgettable DEC alumni joined us.
Next DEC AZ lunch will be the first week in April, 2015.
Galen Davis, Maria Urshan, and Bob Stannard -
 If you want to join this group contact GalenDavis@aol.com.

Attending were: Phyllis Anderson, Art Berger, Wayne Brady, Bonny Colvin, Mona Dahlgren, Galen Davis, Don Ewing,
Marie Fields, Tommy Fields, Jim Freiman,Steve Georgoulis, Grace Gibbs, Al Gordon , Mary Groves, Pete Groves,
Rick Hansen, Linda Hawks, Diana Inostroza, Frank Inostroza, Penni Kapelke, Linda Kreiling, George Kzystofczy, Traci Loges, Joe Lewis, Bill Masters, Michelle Mason, Alice Morena, David Morena, Carolyn Norder, Betsy Nunez, Jim Riley, George Stout, Bill Rebinskas, lee Ripstein, Terry Ripstein, Holly Robert, Robert Schorsch, Janet Shoufer, Bob Tang, Maria Urshan, Rich Wetenhall, Donna Wolf and Ron Wolf.


The Digital Arizona group, organized by Galen Davis and friends Maria Urshan and Bob Stannard in Phoenix, has a semi-annual luncheon the first Saturday in April and November.   Here's the report from April 5, 2014:


Thanks to all who attended our Spring DEC AZ Alumni lunch on 4/5/14. We had a great turn-out at this new Santisi Brothers location. We're interested in your feedback for our November lunch. The 140 sport TV's were amazing .. couldn't find a single golf match?

We had three stars from DEC AZ past drop in. Good to see and welcome Alan Hazeldine, Frank and Chris Thompson.

Attending: Bill Andress. Hank Chartrand, Ed Cocca, Bonnie Colvin, Mona Dahlgren, Galen Davis, Sid Ewing, Don Ewing, Jim Frieman, Steve Georgoulis, Grace Gibbs, Al Gordon, Pete Gruber, Mary Groves,Pete Groves, Rick Hansen, Charlene Harrison, Tom Harrison, Mike Heiser, Alan Hazeldine, Debbie Joy, Roger Keegan, Penni Kapelke, Carol Klock, Vicki Krantz, Cher (Weeden) Leach, Michael Lee, Arlan Leeds, Joe Lewis, Traci Loges, Pablo Martinez, Michelle Mason, Chuck Monroe, Kate Monroe, Carolyn Norder, Betsy Nunez, Bill Rebinskas, Jim Riley, Lee Rippstein, Terry Rippstein, Bill Seitz, Janet Shaufer, Linda "Hawks" Speer, Bob Stannard, Robert Schorsch, Chris Thompson, Frank Thompson, Maria Urshan, Naila "Teddy" Woods, Rich Wetenhall, Donna Wolf, Ron Wolf.

Thanks to Teddy Wood for the help with these photos below.

Galen Davis, Maria Urshan & Bob Stannard

  If you want to join this group contact GalenDavis@aol.com.



Here are the report and photos from Nov. 2013 and a treat from Galen - 

here is the link to Galen's 1974 Maynard telephone directory.

The locale: Bill Johnson's Big Apple Restaurant, 19th Ave and Bell Road, Phoenix 

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