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The DEC Connection Constitution is posted below.  Note: In December 2007 we changed our organization's name from DECedOut to The DEC Connection.

The document below is intended to expedite your review of the amended constitution; it begins with some viewing guidelines, a textual snapshot of the changes, and the complete constitution (which if printed back to back is 9 pages).  ACCEPTED.

Charter of the (original) Digital Retirees Association (DRA)

In addition to preserving our memories of Digital Equipment Corporation, its history and culture, our common professional experiences, and networking, DRA/DECedOut has the following goals:

  • To share the experience of retirement (or post-Digital years)
  • To provide an interactive networking forum
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas among the membership in such areas as business, professional, hobbies, volunteer services, continuing employment, etc.
  • To serve as a sounding board for the exchange of retirement ideas
  • To establish a forum in which valuable and interesting information can be presented to the membership by invited guest speakers or by informational mailings
  • To promote information and plans for group activities such as travel, camping, social and sporting events, etc.
  • To continue the Digital experience after retirement
  • To influence legislation affecting members through associations with other retiree groups.

Notes about the Organization's History

History of Digital Retiree Association (DRA)

    by Vince Tarbassian, Chapter 1776 Co-Chair

Digital Retiree Association started in October 1990 in the Drake, Beam, Morin Outplacement Offices in Marlboro, MA. The purpose was to enable employees who would not be returning to the workforce to network and stay connected. Seven people came together to establish the first DRA. They were: Fred Koved, Judy Sargent, Mary Reed, Vince Tarbassian, Eli Effinger, Tig Tigerson and Bob Latvalla. These seven people created a Mission Statement which stands today. A Constitution was created using Polaroid Retiree Associationís Constitution as a guide. This document is still used today. The initial group was known as TFSOers. Later came SERPers and the retiree organization grew. Members wanted to start Chapters close to home, so along came Northboro, Nashua, and Framingham/Sudbury Chapters. The Framingham/Sudbury Chapter became Chapter 1776 and is open to any Digital retiree. DRA/Chapter 1776 holds quarterly meetings at the Fairbank Community Center in Sudbury, MA. Most meetings are from 2-4 p.m. Each meeting features a guest speaker who addresses current and interesting subjects.

Chapter 1776 in Review

by Marje Morrissey, Chapter 1776 Administrator and Marilyn Goodrich, Co-Chair

Digital Retiree Association Chapter 1776 has 196 members, mostly within the MetroWest area. Meetings are held in September, December, March and May. A newsletter is sent once or twice a year.

The most impressive meetings were when Ken Olsen was our guest speaker on May 22, 1997. And Win Hindle has been our guest speaker on two memorable occasions. It is wonderful that Win Hindle is so willing to be part of our group.

The leadership of DRA is constantly asking the membership for subject ideas. We try to please our people by bringing in speakers who can address subjects of interest. Hewlett-Packard is our parent company and it is important to be connected to HP. Marilyn Goodrich sits on the Board of Directors of hp-REM to represent retirees from Digital. hp-REM is very supportive of our DRA Chapter 1776 activities and often members of their board attend our meetings. We maintain a very nice relationship with hp-REM.

Here a few examples of speakers and topics we've heard:

Our Finances

  • Tax Return Implications of the Compaq takeover of Digital
  • Recent Changes to Medicare
  • Tax Law Changes for Senior Citizens
  • Financial Investment Options

Health & Safety

  • The Fairbank "Fit for the Future" Exercise Program
  • Life Transitions
  • Safety in your Home - Sudbury Police Department
  • Medical Specialists: eye doctor, podiatrist, others
  • Preventing Crime for Seniors


  • The Compaq (formerly DEC) Big Band
  • The Digital Alumni Organization
  • Automotive Principles and Maintenance
  • Artists
  • Travelogues

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