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Digital's Heritage

Whether it's our Digital culture, high quality products and services, or "doing the right thing" professionally - the legacy and inspiration of Ken Olsen's leadership lives on in all of us and has changed the way technology corporations are managed.  Digital's technology innovations have included many computing inventions and advances, still in use today, and which served as building blocks for further innovation.

This section of our website captures the values and principles that Ken Olsen gave us, and the many contributions that Digital made to our world, starting with the "Digital's Heritage" talks given by Win Hindle, Rod Sutherland, and Debra Amidon for the DEC Connection celebration at the Dedication of the Ken Olsen Science Center and Digital Loggia of Technology at Gordon College on 27 Sept. 2008.


Here is a link to the Digital 40-year Commemorative CD on YouTube - 18 min.- an emotional farewell to Digital after the Compaq merger.  Listed under Ken Olsen Thank You Employees.  Focus is on Digital's unique history and culture.


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