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Premier Event of 2021:

DEC Connection and Maynard's 150th Birthday Celebration


Sunday, Sept 19, 2021  11:30 AM - 7:00 PM





Our Maynard 150 celebration was terrific!  Here are some highlights - summaries and photos.  More are available by links.  Special thanks to Jack Mileski for his gargantuan effort in putting this all together!

DEC Connection Events: Mill Tour (11:30 am), Parade March (1:00 pm), and Dinner at the Elks Lodge (4 pm)

1.  Tour of the Mill for DEC Connection members only: Begins promptly at 11:30 at Bldg 12 (all are of the numbers of buildings are when Digital was there).

-       The main entrance to the Mill is across the street right after the Post Office on Main St. Only paid-up members are allowed on the tour. The Mill is relatively non-descript with one building looking like another at this time. We will have a get-together in the Ken Olsen Conference Room to discuss significant Digital experiences with the audience. 

       Our tour was led by Jack Mileski. We had a special treat when Richie Lary participated in the tour, and contributed to the significance of the various Mill areas for Engineering. Thanks, Richie! Here are three of the photos, and a link to Rod Sutherland's Mill Tour photo gallery.



2.  We marched in the Maynard Town Parade at 1 pm, along with about 50 other groups.  The route was one and a half miles thru downtown Maynard.  About 30 DEC Connection members and ex-DECcies marched with us. Thanks to Barrie Hunter for captaining our parade participation, and to Barrie and Fred Isbell for carrying our Digital banner ahead of our two cars and marchers. Thanks to Stephen Jablonsky and Jack Malcolm for driving their cars so that disabled members could also participate. Particularly notable was our position in the parade, right behind the Mill Clock Tower!  Here are three of Rod Sutherland's parade photos, and the link to the rest of Rod's extensive parade gallery.

  • Special thanks go to Tom Vallas for taking video footage of the Mill Tour and Parade from the convertible (directly behind the Digital banner).  Click these links for his videos.  They are .VOB format and require a video reader.
    • Mill Tour Part 1 - Jack Mileski, Tour Leader.  Remarks by Richie Lary and Rod Sutherland. VTS_01_1.VOB, 16 mins.
    • Mill Tour Part 2 - Jack Mileski.  Harry Manuel, on mother's working hours.  Vartkes Hovsepian on helicopter rides and credit union.  Parade start-up.  VTS_01_2.VOB, 16 mins.
    • Parade - Harry Manuel and badges, Digital tower, Minuteman band. Multivendor Cust Svcs. Fife and drum band. VTS_01_3.VOB, 3 mins.
    • Ray Humphrey's speech is available in audio below.

We'd also like to thank Vartkes Hovsepian for some really nice photos he sent in of the Mill Tour and Parade.  Click on small photos for larger image.

Tom Vallas and Jack Mileski led the Digital contingent in the Maynard parade. Tom took hours of video of the day's proceedings. Thanks Tom!

The MultiVendor Customer Services contingent

Mill Tour

Mill Tour participants listen to some history from Jack Mileski.

Jack Mileski describing some Mill history

Stats about the Ken Olsen Conference Room

3.  Visit Maynard exhibits after parade - There are other things to do in Maynard on Sept 19th including the murals at the Ken Olsen Square next to the Mill, and the Art Museum where the Maynard Historical Society will also exhibit items (several blocks up from the Post Office and the main entrance to the Mill on Florida Street ending up on Summer St. across the road).

The Maynard Public Library has created some Digital exhibits.  You can see them here on our website.


4.  DEC Connection Dinner held at the Maynard Elks Club, 4 pm, with special guest speaker Ray Humphrey (Digital's VP Corp. Security, an extremely distinguished career in security afterwards, and a part-time James Bond).  Ray, who was a good friend of Ken, shared fascinating stories and vignettes of his time at Digital.  Ray got a RAVE REVIEW from the 50 folks in attendance.  You can hear his remarks by clicking on these links: 

RAY's REMARKS (34 min.)   Q&A (23 min.)

And, you can see more of Rod Sutherland's Dinner photos at this link.  Thanks so much Rod, as always!


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