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Premier Event of 2018:

DEC Connection at the Mill Pub


Sunday, May 20, 2018  2:00 - 5:00 PM


We were pleased to return to the "Mill" in Maynard for a casual get-together at the Battle Road Brewery House.


Within our group, there were two mini-reunions: Engineering Regulatory/Safety/PowerSupply invited by Len Segal and BOIS (Business & Office Systems) invited by Jack Mileski.


A Special Note on "Digital Families"!  We had a nice occurrence this event with two 2nd generation Digital families participating, the Gays and the Minezzis. 


DEC Connection member Jeanne Gay wrote the following story of her family's life at Digital. Attending with Jeanne were her daughter, Elisabeth Gay and her son, Christopher Gay.


What Digital and its culture did for this one Maynard family! 

My son, Chris worked summers in High School in the Mill for Shipping and Receiving…and learned all the quirks of the freight elevators and how to find his way thru the 65 floors and a million square feet!.. A few years later, Pete Sharon found Christopher working as an HVAC mechanic on the roof of one of the Digital Northborough Facilities for a contractor and offered him a job on the spot.  He happily worked for Facilities until it was all over. He had great times and friends….He has since worked for over 25 years at Bedford Mechanical using the skills he learned at DEC.


His sister, Linda, worked summers in college in Security, also in the Mill, and loved it. Some really wild stories of her adventures  Later in her career after a series of non-Digital jobs, she finally agreed to join “the army of DECies”… she worked in Telecom and made many wonderful friends…She honed her skills and took advantage of all DEC offered. After Digital, she ended her career as a Director at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, when cancer robbed us of our Lindy.  


Chris’ older sister, Elisabeth, worked, after Green Mountain Junior College, for The Harvard Coop’s Management Training Program.  I had a big automobile accident and she left Cambridge to come home and help.  She soon found a position at Stow’, Data Terminals, an off-shoot of DEC .  After a few years and a bonus trip to Rome and Paris, she too found herself caught in the web of DEC.  Digital sent her to Boston University nights and after ten years she got her degrees. All paid for by Digital.  She had many positions within Dec and eventually became a Project Manager.  She has just left Dell and starts tomorrow at National Grid.


After my automobile accident and the doctors told me to stay really busy and go find an interesting job…I entered Digital, as secretary to The Office Service’s Manager, who was formerly a Playboy Bunny and wife of Dick Krueger, head of Security for Digital.  I moved along to Coordinator, then Administrator, then Supervisor and finally I was one of the Mill’s Facility Managers. Lots of flights on the helicopter, courses in Chicago, New York City, and even classes at Harvard.


God bless Digital and Ken Olsen…We were blessed to be part of the greatest!

Christopher, Jeanne and Elisabeth Gay


Ron Minezzi, Sr. and Ron Minezzi, Jr. attended with Dennis Valliere, one of Ron Jr.'s friends from Digital. Ron Jr. was a Systems Manager who worked at 2 Chelmsford and one Acton locations.  Dennis Valliere was an Operations Analyst.  Ron and Dennis worked together in Chelmsford MA.  They are chatting with Bob Morrison, 2nd from right.

Ron Minezzi, Sr., Ron Minezzi, Jr., Bob Morrison, Dennis Valliere


Another big thank-you to Rod Sutherland for again sharing his fabulous photographs. Here is the link to his site where you can easily download photos of your choice. Lots of great Mill shots, some at very high resolution.  Thank you also to Jack Mileski for arranging this event and for his photos as well.  And if you'd like to see the Mill from above, see it in Maria Navedo's link.


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