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Our Premier Event of 2016: DEC Connection Reunion BBQ and Tour of "Mill and Main"


Saturday, October 8, 2016  3:00 - 7:00 PM


10/18/16 Beacon-Villager coverage of our event


Instructions for our event including map and handouts


Additional historical handouts are on the Mill page of our website.



We were pleased to return to the "Mill" (now called "Mill and Main") in Maynard on Saturday, Oct. 8th for a tour of the Mill and a BBQ.


The tour of the Mill began at 3:30 PM with a series of presentations:


Jack MacKeen and Joe Mullin gave descriptions of the Mill history and the vision that Mill and Main has for the complex in the Ken Olsen Conference room (you can see some of that vision at: http://mill-and-main.com/).  And Joe found and brought us our Ken Olsen statuette to return to the Mill.


Leon Tyler of Lincoln Properties led a tour of Mill and Main through Buildings, 2, 3 and 5. Leon is also the guy who winds the clock tower every week!


Thanks to Jack, Joe and Leon, and Leon's coworkers at Lincoln Properties, Lynna Cuneo and Paul Sullivan, for their contributions.


At 4:30 PM we went to the cafeteria for a feast of Pulled Pork, Brisket, Vegetarian Burgers, various sides, and dessert.  Coffee, tea, soft drinks and water were served and there was a cash bar (featuring Battle Road Brewery products). Catering was provided by the new Battle Road Brewery Pub.


A big thank-you to Rod Sutherland for sharing the fabulous photographs he took.  Here are many of the 75 or so on his site and Here is the link to his site where you can easily download photos of your choice (at high resolution).


Jack MacKeen's presentation The Mill Evolves

 - file size is 132 MB


We are posting comments from attendees here:


Dave Price, Digital Public Relations:

Many thanks for gathering us together for a last hurrah at the Digital mothership. It was evident that many people were involved in making this well-attended event such a success. The food was right on, too! Especially appreciated that Jack sent out the info package before the event.

  P.S. Here's a link to the pix I shot with my iPhone. If you want copies just download them.

Mary Lou Dopart:  It was well planned and well executed thats to all who supported it. 

The tour was excellent its great to see some of the original equipment being immortalized in the structure of the buildings support beams, brick, original flooring, gauges, pipes and doors its a testament to all the generations of workers who made it the complex it is today well done!


Janet Marshall: The DEC event was very well planned - diversified - and interesting to me. Learning about the history of the Mill and listening to many nostalgic stories in the DEC workplace seemed to bring everything back to life.


Vicki Meagher: Thanks to everyone who worked on this event! I especially enjoyed the history of the building.


Karin Gremo:  It was an amazing day and it was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces from years ago.  Im so proud to have been a Digital employee and I always will be wonderful memories and friendships.  Thank you for organizing this absolutely wonderful day!


Gail Georges Smith Farrell Hernandez:  It was heartwarming to see everyone and to make new-old friends. The spirit of comraderie still exists, and makes me proud to still be called a "Deccie."


Ruth Armknecht:  Splendid work done by all.  Your time and efforts greatly appreciated by all...


Terry Melle:  DEC has been such a significant part of my life that for my wife to be in the Mill filled in a big gap. For me, she is now linked to a very important part of my history. You guys did a great job setting this up and we are both very glad we attended.


Marion Dancy: A terrific event! What a walk down memory lane. It was great to see everyone is such an appropriate setting.  Certainly brings back memories walking the halls of the Mill, although much has changed, so we definitely needed the guides. Thanks for all the great organization!


Judy Sullivan: Most precious to me was seeing dear friends and former colleagues. The memories shared in the KO Conference Room were fun to hear; the food was delicious too. Thank you so very much to all who organized the event. It was a wonderful time.


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