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Summer BBQ Picnic at Barrie Hunter's home in Marlboro

Saturday afternoon, Aug 18th - 3 to 8 PM


We'd like to thank Barrie and Anne Hunter for hosting another of their popular lake picnics.  Saturday, August 18, from 3-8 PM, was the get-together. Although the weather didn't fully cooperate, Barrie and Anne fortified their back porch with tarps and tents and we all had a terrific time while dodging the raindrops.  Eventually we did see the sun peeking through some clouds over the beautiful pond in the backyard.

Jack Mileski did his usual terrific job of being the BBQ chef on the grill in the backyard, and we all enjoyed the hamburgers, hot dogs, veggies, side dishes, and other foods contributed by attendees.

Attendees included: Hosts Barrie and Anne Hunter, Bob Alessio, Yvonne Breen, Mary Donahue, Vanessa Fox, Alan Goldsworthy and Annalisa Lafferty, Marilyn Goodrich, Cindy Hamilton, Karen Hamilton, Vida H, Norm Hollis, Stephen Jablonsky, Nancy Kilty, Lois Levick, Cynthia McNeil, Jack Mileski, Ellen Newlands, Dilip Phadke, John Rosala, Terry Sarandrea, Ava Schutzman, Rod Sutherland, Karen Umbrello, Tom Vallas, Ken and Gayle Vonasek, and Ande Wertheim. We missed Len and Deena Segal, Mary Cole, and Jaye Girouard.

Special thanks to Rod Sutherland for doing his usual terrific job being our event photographer, and to Jack Mileski for sending his photos as well.  And here they are!


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