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Member Service Center Online Help  


We are delighted to provide this Member Service Center.


Log in using your preferred email address of record on this page.  (click the underlined link to get there)  If you have paid dues as recently as for 2010, your information has been pre-loaded.  If not, you can renew your membership or join now at this page.


If you have trouble logging in it means that:

   1) either you are using a different email address than your originally-submitted preferred address of record, or

   2) you entered the address with a space either before or after the address

You can email webmaster@decconnection.org for help.


The Main Menu appears on the top of every page so you can always find it.  Additional buttons are on the bottom left-hand side (every screen except the log-in).


Welcome to the DEC Connection Member Service Center

*Here you can:

Following is detailed info about each topic:

  • Show Your Information

    • complete online profile - you can review your addresses, phone numbers for home, cell and work (unlisted ones are not displayed to other members; nor is your street address), DEC background, updates, photo, etc.

    • Here is a sample FULL profile - note that you can check when your dues are paid thru

    • Here is a sample Short Profile - just information approved for release to other members.  Non-members can't see any of this (which is why you also want to submit your Business Listing for our public page).


  • Update Your Information

    • update your information - send in new last name, addresses (include street address), phone numbers for home, cell and work (be sure to check box if you don't want it published); primary (the one you login with) and alternate email addresses; local Chapter if you are in one such as NH, PA, FL, Carolinas, or other manufacturing and sales locations such as CXO Colorado Springs, WMO, WFO, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Salem, Puerto Rico; other DEC clubs inj Galway, Munich, Italy, France, etc.

    • Other text areas are for updates: what are  you doing today?  your business website if you wish; etc.

    • Please note that updates may take up to 24 hours to go online - process uses a manual update by webmaster.

    • Photos and publicity and other attachments must be emailed to the webmaster separately - photos should be approximately 100 pixels square, such as the medium-sized LinkedIn profile photo, in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. Since it's so small, a head shot is best.  I will reduce the photo size or crop the photo for you if you don't know how.

  • Pay Your Dues

    • Renew your Membership online, using either your credit card or a PayPal account.  This is a more convenient option that does not require you to fill out the demographic profile again - you can use the Update form for any changes - and takes you directly to PayPal.

    • To renew by personal check, send check made out to The DEC Connection in care of our treasurer, Nancy Kilty, 33 Forest St. Unit 416, Lexington MA 02421.

  • Get a List of Members

    • 3 ways to list members: long list (you can only see 1 profile at a time); by state; by up to 5 zip code digits - type in as many digits up to 5 that represents your commuting area.  Note: if you ask for list of members in a particular state, any who specified unlisted locations or phone numbers will not show up.  Email addresses are available.

    • We ask that this information be used just for reconnecting with former employees, and not for commercial purposes.

    • This is a terrific way to reach out and make contact with other members in your area!

  • Send a NewsByte

    • NewsBytes are 2-4 line updates on your activities, either professional or retirement, which will be published in our monthly newsletter, News-at-a-Glance, which goes to not just members but also the entire mailing list

  • Send a DEC Story

    • the Our DEC Stories web page, menu button on left, is in the publicly-accessible area of our website.

  • Update Your Business Listing

    • Our Businesses, menu button on left, is our "Yellow Pages" listing of  member businesses - you don't have to own the business to participate, just be personally involved. If you represent a company you can submit a listing.  Look at the content on the page before submitting your listing please.

  • Email additional info to the webmaster

    • To submit info for other pages (buttons on left), please send email with attachments to webmaster@decconnection.org

    • examples: an article for Featured Entrepreneur or a photo for your profile or publicity about your business or retirement activities

  • DEC Connection LinkedIn Group

    • this is the place for job postings and networking to seek help with job searches

    • we have over 350 members in our DEC Connection Linked-In Group

    • many of you have been invited or pre-approved and haven't accepted the invitation so you are not yet in the group; however you ARE eligible

    • Request access to the Group by signing into LinkedIn and sending an official request - webmaster can approve.

Feedback is always welcomed at webmaster@decconnection.org



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