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The DEC Connection has grown quickly since we expanded our membership to include all former employees/contractors.

Membership in The DEC Connection has a growing list of benefits, and to join is only $10 per year (3 years for $25) per person.  You can't beat this deal! 

Click on link to join.   To renew, use our new Member Service Center.

  • Keep in touch with former colleagues

  • Support "keeping the Digital family alive"

  • Use the Member Service Center to renew your membership, provide updates of your addresses and activities on your membership profile, and to access your benefits in one convenient location.

  • Send 2-3 line "Member NewsByte" on your job/current activities to be published in News-at-a-Glance

  • List your business on our Member Businesses page - you don't have to own the business, just be involved in it.

  • Participate in Member-Helping-Member Concalls

  • Membership in The DEC Connection LinkedIn corporate group

  • Be featured as a Member Entrepreneur - send a short profile and photo of yourself to webmaster@decconnection.org.

  • Receive monthly e-communications - our News at-a-Glance

  • Discounted admission to The DEC Connection events - business seminars, social events, speakers, networking hours

  • DEC Connection can advise when you have questions about your Digital pension

  • Post a position you want filled as Jobs Available, or post your Job Wanted in our DEC Connection LinkedIn Group.

  • Showcase your publications since Digital days in the Members in Print section.

  • Contribute e-articles about you/your business in the Publicity section.

  • Participate in charitable donations made by DECconnection (so far these have gone to the Digital Loggia of Technology at the Ken Olsen Science Center at Gordon College)


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