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Summer Italian Festa at Bob Alessio's home in Marlboro

Saturday afternoon, Aug 17, 2019 - 2 to 6 PM


We'd like to thank Bob Alessio for hosting our summer Italian Festa. Saturday, August 17 was the get-together. The weather cleared up nicely. Barrie Hunter and Jack Mileski did their usual terrific job of planning, ordering and delivering the delicious Italian food, with lots of help from Bob.

Attendees included: Host Bob Alessio, Susan Azibert, Art Beane, Ruth Bonney, Bob and Bev Brownson, Chuck Butala, John Cross, Mary Donahue, Alan Goldsworthy and Annalisa Lafferty, Marilyn Goodrich, Karen Hamilton, Norm Hollis, Ray Humphrey, Barrie Hunter, Ethel Kaiden, Barbara Karten, Nancy and Karen Kilty, Dick Loveland, Sharron Lovins, Ann McDonough, Cynthia McNeil, Jack and Leslie Mileski, Helen Nayar and John Vasilakis, John Rosala, Ava Schutzman, Rod Sutherland, Tom Vallas, Ken Vonasek, and Ande Wertheim. We missed Alan Earls, Pam Kukla, Ed Manning, Deanna Michaelson, and Sue Yarger.

Special thanks to Rod Sutherland for doing his usual terrific job being our event photographer (photos in gallery below), and to Jack Mileski for sending his photo slideshow as well.  And here they are!

     Jack Mileski's photo slide show: photos\ItalianFesta-Aug2019\Jack-ItalianFesta8-17-2019.pdf


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